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Welcome to our website! If you heart everything Soma you will definitely love With this website, we have tried to capture the real essence of Soma's unique atmosphere. We hope to create a new medium to share our love of coffee and life. At Soma we seek to support the community at large as much as possible. Please check back frequently for news updates, community events and fun facts.

Featured Roaster: Big Shoulders Coffee Roasters

Its name deriving from the Carl Sandberg poem Chicago, Big Shoulders is a Chicago, IL based roaster that has focused on delivering fresh-roasted, no-nonsense artisan coffee since 2012. Prior to the business's inception, owner Tim Coonan spent 20 years building roasting skills initially taught by an independent roaster within the Hoosier state! Since opening their doors, Big Shoulders has quickly grown to become one of the Chicago caffeine staples.

We are proud to welcome their Lake Street Blend as our espresso feature. Comprised of beans originating from Ethiopia, Brazil, and Uganda, we are head-over-heals about the tastes presented in both milk-based and espresso-dominant coffee beverages. In addition, we will also be featuring their Ethiopian Sidamo Natural Guji as a limited-time drip-brewed option!

Soma Spotlight - Sycamore Land Trust

As an independent and local business, we are committed to taking an active role in giving back to the community. Seasonally, we partner up with a local non-profit organization for our Spotlight program. In addition to providing a monetary donation, we make an effort to raise awareness toward their cause through advertising both within their shops and in social media.

Sycamore Land Trust is a nonprofit organization that focuses on protecting and restoring the beautiful natural heritage of southern Indiana. Through land acquisition, partnerships, and other arrangements, Sycamore protects more than 90 properties totaling nearly 19,000 acres since 1990. They also operate an environmental education program that connects people of all ages to nature.

Secret Smoothies

Wanna shake things up a bit? Try one of our off menu smoothies! Stop by for a Jolly Rancher (apple juice, melons and strawberries), Howler Monkey (Espresso, chocolate, peanut butter, bananas, and your choice of milk) or The Colin (a twist on the Banana Colada- with peanut butter and Source of Life)! Impress your friends and your taste buds.

Updated Coffee Menu

As the coffee growing and harvesting seasons change in different regions of the world, so do our available roasts. Some previously offered roasts will no longer be, and some unfamiliar ones may start to show up. A fully edited coffee menu will be updated on this site to help for those who buy beans and for those interested in knowing what might be offered as a daily drip coffee rotation. As always, we love to hear feedback about your favorite or least-favorite roasts!

Have a Tea Party!

You've been asking for it, and finally we've got it: bulk loose-leaf tea! All 32 types of our tea are now available in quarter, half, or one pound bags (or bring in your own container to fill for a small discount). We'll try to keep them all stocked well, but if you know you want a large amount, please give us a little heads up.