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Welcome to our website! If you heart everything Soma you will definitely love With this website, we have tried to capture the real essence of Soma's unique atmosphere. We hope to create a new medium to share our love of coffee and life. At Soma we seek to support the community at large as much as possible. Please check back frequently for news updates, community events and fun facts.

Featured Roaster: Heart Coffee Roasters

Heart and Soma in the same place! Itís too good to be true! Soma is excited to announce our newest featured roaster: Heart Coffee Roasters out of Portland OR! Heart focuses on one thing: uncompromising quality. They are a specialty coffee roasting company aiming to bring people a focused and an exceptional coffee experience. They begin with some of the best green coffee from mainly Central America, South America, and Africa. They roast coffee to the ideal degree, while fully developing complex flavors, and bringing out delicate clarity. The coffee is then cupped in the lab and must pass the standard of excellence before reaching us and you! They believe that starting with quality green coffee enables them to put the care into the roasted coffee they produceófrom the source to the final cup. Check out their website for more info.
Heart Coffee Roasters

Soma Spotlight - Hoosier Hills Food Bank

Soma is proud to spotlight Hoosier Hills Community Food Bank this month. Hoosier Hills Food Bank is a non-profit organization that provides over three million pounds of food annually to nearly 100 other non-profits serving people with low incomes and personal challenges, children and seniors. HHFB is excited to be the new host of the 32nd Annual Bloomington Community Book Fair this year. The Book Fair is October 8th-13th at the Monroe County Fairgrounds in the Commercial Building West. All proceeds from this great event benefit the programs and services of Hoosier Hills Food Bank. Check out their website for more information on how to donate to the book fair, volunteer opportunities throughout the year and more.
Hoosier Hills Food Bank

Secret Smoothies

Wanna shake things up a bit? Try one of our off menu smoothies! Stop by for a Jolly Rancher (apple juice, melons and strawberries), Howler Monkey (Espresso, chocolate, peanut butter, bananas, and your choice of milk) or The Colin (a twist on the Banana Colada- with peanut butter and Source of Life)! Impress your friends and your taste buds.

Updated Coffee Menu

As the coffee growing and harvesting seasons change in different regions of the world, so do our available roasts. Some previously offered roasts will no longer be, and some unfamiliar ones may start to show up. A fully edited coffee menu will be updated on this site to help for those who buy beans and for those interested in knowing what might be offered as a daily drip coffee rotation. As always, we love to hear feedback about your favorite or least-favorite roasts!

Have a Tea Party!

You've been asking for it, and finally we've got it: bulk loose-leaf tea! All 32 types of our tea are now available in quarter, half, or one pound bags (or bring in your own container to fill for a small discount). We'll try to keep them all stocked well, but if you know you want a large amount, please give us a little heads up.