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Soma Crosstown, our newest location!

Soma is proud to announce that we have expanded to the northeast side of IU's beautiful Bloomington campus. We opened our third location on Monday, February 13th to a warm welcome from patrons both new and seasoned. Have you stopped by the Crosstown location yet at 1815 East 10th Street? If not, you are in for a treat! We have the same excellent espresso drinks, drip coffee, smoothies, juices and smiling baristas, offered in a chic, spacious environment. Our hours of operation are 6am-9pm Monday-Friday and 7am-9pm on the weekend. We look forward to seeing you there!

We Are Hiring

That's right! Our shops are now actively reviewing applications. If you have a passion for coffee, people, and becoming a bigger part of your wonderful Bloomington community, get a hold of us! Our application can be found here. Please note that we expect a 6 month commitment at minimum from our baristas. With that in mind, applicants must submit their hours of availability for the majority of this 6 month window in order to be considered.

Guest Roaster: Sunergos Coffee

"Roasting Great Coffees is what We Do." Hailing from just over the River in Louisville KY, established in 2003 Sunergos describes their main goals thusly:

"Searching out coffees that prove their potential in the cup and are sourced through responsible and sustainable partnerships is a constant pursuit. Highlighting origin characteristics and their best development dominates our roasting philosophy. Sourcing and roasting great coffee is a responsibility that we take seriously and gratefully."

We welcome their Sunergos Espresso Blend. It carries notes of chocolate, cherries and walnuts - pleasant to say the least! This coffee performs well as espresso shots or with milk. Come in and try some today, and ask your barista what they think; we've gotten some interesting and informative tasting discussions started and would love to have your input!

Call to Artists

We are interested in displaying art in our shops. Are you interested in displaying in our shops? Drop us a line at and we can chat about it.

Updated Coffee Menu

As the coffee growing and harvesting seasons change in different regions of the world, so do our available roasts. Some previously offered roasts will no longer be, and some unfamiliar ones may start to show up. A fully edited coffee menu will be updated on this site to help for those who buy beans and for those interested in knowing what might be offered as a daily drip coffee rotation. As always, we love to hear feedback about your favorite or least-favorite roasts!

Have a Tea Party!

You've been asking for it, and finally we've got it: bulk loose-leaf tea! All 32 types of our tea are now available in quarter, half, or one pound bags (or bring in your own container to fill for a small discount). We'll try to keep them all stocked well, but if you know you want a large amount, please give us a little heads up.