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Coffee Menu
Our house coffee is Blackbeard's Blend, which is brewed daily along side our two other rotating daily brews. We also have a daily rotating pot of decaf.


Body (1-5 scale)

The sensation of fullness in the mouth and how long it lingers is body. Full-bodied coffee combines long-lasting flavors with compounds that coat the taste buds, giving the mouth a sense of fullness. Brewing method also influences body. A French press or espresso machine allows more oils and fine particles into the finished brew, producing heavier-bodied coffee. Conventional drip machines use paper filters that trap particles and flavor oils, resulting in lighter-bodied coffees.

Brightness, or, acidity (1-5 scale)

Brightness is the crisp first impression of a coffee's flavor sensed at the tip of the tongue. The brightest coffees have a snappy, palate-cleansing quality. Coffees with less brightness are soft and smooth, and dark roasts are less bright than light roasts of the same origin.


Flavor is the combined impression of a coffee's aroma, brightness, and body. There are 3 sets of coffee flavors, each perceived in a different part of the mouth. Front - Crisp flavors that form the first impression of a coffee, often described as citrusy, floral or winy. Mid - Rich, creamy notes that define a coffee's overall flavor, these flavors register at mid-tongue and on the upper palate. Descriptive terms abound - plum, berry, milk or dark chocolate, maple, caramel, malt, etc. Back - Deep savory and smoky notes that form the lingering impression of a coffee's taste, these are perceived from the base of the tongue into the throat. The flavors added by dark roasting fall mainly into this category, and include smoky, earthy, syrupy and bittersweet.


We don't always have all of these, but we rotate the roasts that are available as drip coffee and we usually carry a good selection of these in one pound bags. If you'd like to order a large amount of 1lb bags, please let us know in advance. Want to know what's on drip rotation before you come in? Give us a call and we'll let you know!


Every few months our coffee roasters feature a new roast which is usually more expensive and of higher quality. We offer this roast as a drip coffee rotation, and occasionally in one pound bags.


Creamy and full-bodied
Distinctive fruit, tobacco and caramel notes
Brightness: 3.5 Body: 4.5


Africa is coffee’s native region, and the ancestral source for every specialty coffee. Their common thread is quality and flavor intensity, with medium to full acidity and body. The intense flavors of African coffees are colorful and diverse – Kenya’s bold winyness, the musky, blueberry fruit of Ethiopian Harrar, sweet, floral and spicy Ethiopia Yrgacheffe – these coffees are a party of mouth-filling flavor!

Kenya AA

Full-bodied coffee
Rich chocolate & dark berry flavors
Medium to dark roast
Brightness: 4.5 Body: 4.5

Ethiopia Sidamo

Classic citrus, floral acidity, elegant and lively flavors with a medium-full body
Brightness: 4.5 Body: 4.0

Tanzania Peaberry

Light fruit and chocolate flavors
Medium roast
Brightness: 3.5 Body: 3.5

Organic Ethiopia Yrgacheffe

Medium-full bodied
Beautiful floral aroma
Lemon, honey, and blueberry tones
Medium roast
Brightness: 4.0 Body: 4.5

Ethiopia Natural Process Sidamo

Blueberry and cocoa flavors with a light winy acidity and moderate body
Brightness: 3.0 Body: 3.5


Pacific Island coffees are deep-toned and rich with spicy, earthy flavors. Full-bodied, aromatic and naturally low in acid, they make great coffees to linger with. The deep flavor and full body makes Pacific Island beans indispensable for creating memorable blends.

Organic/Fair Trade French Sumatra

Very rich and full-bodied coffee
Earthy, intense flavors
Smoky, bittersweet richness
French (very dark) roast
Brightness: 2.5 Body: 5.0

Organic/Fair Trade Sumatra Gayoland

Earthy aroma
Sweet fruity and peppery flavor notes
Medium roast
Brightness: 3.0 Body: 4.5

Organic/Fair Trade Sumatra Mandheling Permata Gayo

Uncharacteristically for a Sumatra, there is an abundance of berry and green apple flavors mixed with chocolatey and sweet earthy tones.
Brightness: 2.5 Body: 3.5

Organic/Fair Trade Dark Sumatra Mandheling Permata Gayo

The chocolate and earth tones of this Full City Roast pick up depth, sweetness and silky body at a dark roast.
Brightness: 2.5 Body: 5.0

Papua New Guinea Goroka A

Produced on very small coffee “gardens” Black walnut flavor, excellent balance
Brightness: 3.0 Body: 4.0


New World coffees have the 'taste of place' familiar to most Americans - bright acidity, clean flavor, medium body and aroma. Bean processing by the washed method and superb high-altitude growing environments are two elements that define the New World flavor profile.

Brazil Natural Process

Dark caramel flavors
Tobacco tones
Brightness: 2.5 Body: 3.5

Organic/Fair Trade Colombia Supremo

Rich and clean
Nutty finish
Medium roast
Brightness: 3.0 Body: 4.0

Organic/Fair Trade Guatemala

Peppery with a spicy twist
Chocolate and black cherry flavor notes
Medium roast
Brightness: 4.0 Body: 3.5

El Salvador San Rita

Intensely fruity and creamy
Bright and juicy flavor with a tart finish Medium roast
Brightness: 5.0 Body: 2.5

Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry Blend

Citrus, cocoa, spice and herb aromas
Refined fruity flavor with a long, decadent finish
Brightness: 4.5 Body: 2

Fair Trade Haitian Blue Pine

Hints of fresh pineapple layered with delicate nutty and floral notes.
Brightness: 2.5 Body: 4

Organic/Fair Trade Mexico Altura

Smooth body
Cinnamon notes
Medium roast
Brightness: 3.0 Body: 3.0

Organic/Fair Trade Peru

Gentle flavors
Medium roast
Brightness: 3.5 Body: 4.0

Organic/Fair Trade Guatamala Huehuetenango SHB

(SHB – Strictly Hard Bean)
Great brightness, chocolate body with a floral aroma. This coffee is produced by indigenous Mayan peoples.

Brazil Minas de Gervais Pocos de Caldas

Natural process Yellow Bourbon
Brightness: __ Body: __

El Salvador (Micro lot “Brasil”)

Fully washed and sundried, 1450ft elevation
Brightness: __ Body: __


Decaf Ancora Black & Tan Blend

The lush, exotic flavor of Full-city roasted Sumatra Gayoland is paired with the sweet, spicy, smoky snap of French roast Sumatra.
Medium and dark roasts
Brightness: 2.0 | Body: 5.0

Decaf Guatemala

Peppery with a spicy twist. Chocolate and black cherry flavor notes. Medium roast.
Brightness: 4.0 | Body: 3.5

Decaf Organic/Fair Trade Komodo Blend

Swiss Water Processed decaf. Pacific Island based. Rich, smooth and earthy flavor. French roast.
Brightness: 3.5 | Body: 4


Organic/Fair Trade Blackbeard’s Blend

A weighty blend of Pacific Island coffees mixed with a bit of African and American coffees. A full bodied, super dark french roast with hints of chocolate and spice.
Brightness: 3.0 Body: 5+

Surf's Up! Kona Blend

Blend of New World coffees with Kona Mellow cup with smooth, rich flavor.
Sweet and mellow
Medium roast
Brightness: 3.0 Body: 3.5

Organic/Fair Trade Ancora d’Oro

You’ll find the balance between its medium body and crisp acidity very appealing. Has the aroma and flavor reminiscent of wonderful sweet chocolate. Medium roast
Brightness: 3.5 Body: 3.5

Holiday Blend

Notes of warm earthiness, spice and lemon zest with perfectly balanced acidity and a medium body.
Brightness 3.5 Body 3.5

Organic/Fair Trade Black & Tan

The lush, exotic flavor of Full-city roasted Sumatra Gayoland is paired with the sweet, spicy, smoky snap of French roast Sumatra. Medium and dark roasts.
Brightness: 2.0 Body: 5.0+

Moka Java

Balances two of the world’s great coffee flavors - Moka and Java. Genuine Mokas are the finest naturally-processed Arabica beans from Ethiopia and Yemen. They're packed with bright citrus, fruit and spice flavors. The other is Estate Java - bold, rich and darkly spicy. Medium roast.
Brightness: 4.0 Body: 4.5

Iced Latin Blend

What we use for iced coffee. A blend of Pacific Island and African coffees. Clean and bright with floral and chocolate notes. Medium roast.
Brightness: 3.5 Body: 3.5

Organic/Fair Trade French Roast

A pre-roast blend of Centrals and Pacific Island coffees. This dark roast is very full flavored without being overstated.
Brightness: __ Body: __

Seven Provinces

Featuring coffees from all 3 major coffee producing regions, this coffee has bold berry notes, a hint of sweet chocolate, and a clean earth finish.
Brightness: __ Body:__